I am on fire.

The following is a completely spoiler-free exercise in attempting to explain how I feel immediately after finishing the sequel to Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games, Catching Fire. However, I cannot be responsible for what might happen in the comments. There is my disclaimer.

I seriously feel like I'm being ripped apart from the inside. These books eat my soul in a very, very good way. Just like with the first one, I had extreme difficulty putting the second book down for more than an hour or so in which I had to force myself to eat and pee. I also got to the point where there were so many twists and turns that were tossed to me so quickly, I had to literally cover the page ahead of me with my hand to keep from jumping ahead and spoiling myself. I cannot get that final line out of my head and I can't stop thinking about what just happened, what is happening, what is coming next. It all goes so quickly and when you reach that final page, your race to find out every little detail is ripped out of your hands and dangled just out of your reach until the third book is released (supposedly, sometime in 2010). I kind of have this weird urge to stare blankly at the wall ahead of me and just let the reality (well, fantasy) of what just happened wash over me. Devouring these books feels every bit as real and threatening as truly being in that world would be. Ten minutes ago, I caught myself reopening the last pages to make sure that the words I'm seeing, hearing, and feeling over and over in my mind actually have come from a book and not from an intense disaster I've personally witnessed. I can actually feel what this book has done to me, and I like it.

Since I want to give you guys a bit more time to get your hands on this book and finish it before I discuss actual plot details, I think that I'm going to stop there. Please read these books if this seems like something you would enjoy too. They probably won't take you very long, because I have yet to find someone who can successfully stay away from the remaining unread pages whenever you leave to take a break. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that they will seriously change your life.


Anonymous said...

i love how you just perfectly described the rush of actions/feelings i myself felt, while experiencing the amazing works of suzanne collins.

GardenofEdee said...

I love these books more then I can say. The way you described the feeling you get is perfect. I totally agree with having to stop yourself from looking ahead!!
The books are just INTENSE. I'm not sure what else to say without spoiling anything but I can say that I didn't expect what happened to happen. I mean I'm not sure what I expected but not that.
So Gale or Peeta? I'm a Gale fan =)

Lauren said...

Oh jeez, that's a really tough decision. For a while, I was all for Gale but at some point, I realized that Peeta is pretty fantastic too. She could do a lot worse. :)

creativemachine said...

Oh please don't let gale and peeta become the next Edward and Jacob... They deserve a little more than that.
I haven't gotten hold of CF yet. I'm still not sure whether it's been released in Australia yet... I bloody hope so :S

Lauren said...

It's normal to ship characters, especially when there's a love triangle because you feel like you have to pick. However, Gale and Peeta will never be anywhere close to Edward and Jacob... the latter two are abusive and manipulative and dangerously overprotective and just not good options, either of them.

I don't really want to pick one, honestly. I'd be happy with either, if I were Katniss, and I'm too excited to find out who she ends up with to speculate past more than just a feeling.

Patty said...

I actually just read the first book the day before Catching Fire came out and I just bought Catching Fire along with the mockingjay pin. The first book did definitely changed my life and I can't wait until I actually have the chance to read this one!!

NoMi said...

Hey there :)
i haven't read any of the books yet, but i'm starting to think that i really should!
i love how you describe what you call the "reality of the book." i always feel that way about reading... i always tend to lose myself in books, maybe to avoid reality to some extent.
books can fill you with so many emotions and experiences and teach you things that you don't always experience in"real" life.
there's something safe about experiencing things through books and inside your own mind, even when it's rough and painful and emotional, it's still comforting in a way.

sorry if my English isn't that perfect, it's not my birth language, hope you still get it :D

Have a nice day,

Anna said...

I got it before it came out and isn't it incredible! Throughout the book I couldn't decide if I was Team Peeta or Gale. I decided Peeta, because Gale is so bitter. I know he has a reason to be bitter. But so does Peeta, but is Peeta bitter......? NO! Peeta is kind and caring and loving! My mind my change by the third. This blog/entry/thingy is really good. I am so happy you enjoyed this book! Great job, I wanna hear more!


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