Wall Art!

Earlier this week, I posted a video asking people to make 4" x 6" index card-sized pieces of art for me to put on my dorm wall/YouTube backdrop. Today, I got up and went to the post office in town to see if any submissions had come in yet! At first, they said that the box was empty and that my new keys had not come in yet (I applied and paid for the box a week ago, and they told me to come back for the keys since the ones they had were not working). So I left, and about two minutes later, I got a phone call saying that they found my mail. If for some reason any of you guys get your mail returned, please let me know because they didn't put it in my box, they just put a rubber band around all of my mail and left the pile on a table in the back somewhere. Apparently, they think my box is vacant. Thanks, Etown post office. Everyone here is extremely well-organized and on top of things, as usual.

However, the things I received made me so freaking happy that it doesn't matter and I don't even mind that I probably have to go back there to figure out why they aren't putting my mail in my box. You guys sent me beautiful, funny, creative, and just really awesome pieces of art and I loved looking through each of your little packages and envelopes. I'm seriously just blown away by how creative and generous you guys are, and I'm honored to have your art on my wall.

I didn't just end up with index cards either; most of them came with really genuine, heartfelt letters. It makes me so incredibly happy to know that I've made you guys happy, and I wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart... not only for working on these cards, but also for supporting me over the years. You guys are the reason why I keep doing this stuff, and I really, really appreciate every single one of you, whether you have all my CDs and see all of my shows and leave comments on everything or you just quietly listen and enjoy what I do. You're all amazing people, and I'm so glad that I'm finally getting to see the kinds of fantastic things you guys can do.

Thank you Holly, Kiera, Nalts (yes, I fangirled his submission for a minute or two), Liz, Rachel, Sarah S, Sarah R, Maddy, Kara, Jason, Daniel, anyone who only put their names on the backs of their cards (which are already attached to my wall) and anyone who has sent or is working on or is thinking about working on one of these cards for me. It's only been five days since I posted the video with this idea and I already have over 20 decorated index cards and a box full of absolutely gorgeous photography that Daniel sent me. I can't wait to go back in a few days to see what else is in my PO box by then! I'm going to be accepting these until my PO box expires after this semester, so don't worry! I have plenty of wall space left!

You guys have made my life at college better, whether you're contributing to my wall or listening to my music or commenting on my videos or even leaving me messages here on my blog. And I know that people like thekatbc are "disgusted" by the fact that college depresses me and I blog about things that depress me sometimes, but so many more of you actually understand and have been there for me when I'm down. I intended for this blog to be a place where I can vent and be who I am and express myself, and almost all of you have made me feel like I can do that. So thank you. :)


Catherine said...

I've already made my cards! I'm just waiting for a friend to finish hers so we can send them together. And expect a letter from me too. I've been meaning to write something to you for a while anyway, so this is a perfect opportunity.

Chrystie said...

I'm glad these are cheering you up! it will be nice for you to be able to look at the wall and see that there are people who get and care about you :)

Kris said...

Mine is going out in the post on Monday! I'm glad you're getting joy out of them- you certainly deserve it =)

Ravenclaw2313 said...

Saw the dailybooth picture and it looks really neat. This was a really great idea Lauren. It gives you something to post on the wall and it makes all of us feel like we really have helped. I'll be sending mine at the end of the week.

Brianna said...

I'm making mine for you now, and won't be sending it till monday ro tuesday. You are just so awesome Lauren. And I will always love to listen to your music, watch your videos, and read your venting blogs about how college sucks. I love how real you are, and how you don't put on a show to impress anyone. I wish more people could be like that really. :)

Anonymous said...

I've already made your card, I can't wait 'till you get it! <3
Unfortunately it might take awhile due to the fact that it's a SUNDAY. =(
Don't fret, hope you like it!

The Vagabond said...

I just finished mine!! I want to send it to you soon, but I also want to send it with something else (it's a surprise) and I can't do that until I go home on the 26th of September. I hope you still have wall space enough to include mine! I really hope you like it.

I feel like you and I are so alike sometimes despite me not really knowing you irl (I met you once at a concert, but as you meet tons of people at tons of concerts you probably wouldn't recall our encounter), but I feel like I know you through your blog. I have kind of a hard time at college too and I'm not very willing to put myself out there and make friends. I wish Nerdfighteria was a real place. It would be so easy to be friends with everyone there. And Hogwarts. That too.

I liked your 5AG video and look forward to more from you soon!

Mark said...

I watch your videos and you are awesome. I also think your wall art is cool. I sent you some a while ago. I think you should do a scroll in your next videos to show more art for those that are not on the screen a lot. Thanks.

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