Geography fail?

I'm going back to college for my senior year in a little under a month. I'm not particularly excited about it, especially because this summer was an awesome preview for what I'll be doing full-time once I graduate, but there isn't much I can do about it. One thing I am looking forward to, however, is moving into a quad on campus with three of the most awesome people ever, living right next door to like three sets of amazing people who I don't see often enough. I've been trying to figure out the best way to transport myself from the quads to the rest of the campus where I'll be eating and going to class, because walking will take a while and driving (and then parking) will be obnoxious and less than environmentally friendly.

And then I ordered a Xootr Roma folding kick scooter. Hooray! I kind of can't wait to reinforce my reputation on campus as that weird singing Harry Potter nerd girl, since I'll probably be getting even more confused looks than usual as I fly past people on what looks kind of like an over-sized child's toy.

It is apparently still supposed to come in the mail today in Rhode Island, though I seriously doubt it. Even though it started off in Taylor, PA two days ago, when I woke up this morning, the tracking website was updated to say that it is now at a post office in Hodgkins, IL. It went almost twelve hours in the wrong direction. I guess that could be a bug in the system and it might actually be on the truck for delivery like it should be right now, but I emailed them just in case. Hopefully they'll get back to me because I don't really want someone else to get my new toy dropped on his or her doorstep. The amusing part is that it still says it's right on schedule for delivery today.

I know Rhode Island is small, UPS, but even though you have to look extra hard to find it on a map, you should probably actually figure out where it is before you try to send something there. Nerd-girl needs her scooter.

Update: I guess they realized that they screwed up. Delivery has been rescheduled for August 4th instead. Not cool, UPS. Not cool.


Johnny Rollerfeet said...

we expect your next videos to look like this.

Anonymous said...

scooter love <3 can't wait to see a photo of it! i bet you're really anxious for it to come huh? congrats, and hayley got a macbook, kristina got a trip to england, and you got a scooter. MADE OF AWESOME. DFTBA

Dan said...

lol that weird nerd-girl who sings Harry Potter songs. It's a shame you're not English because you're not normal unless you do things like that. The weird people here are the 1's that don't have anything to them and aren't passionate about anything.
I think you're cool Lauren. Can't wait to see you on your scooter :)

partyweetow said...

I'm glad that my school's campus has a circumference of like, one mile. Plus our bus system is one of the best college transportation systems in the nation. I never had to worry about getting from one building to another.

Enjoy your bound-to-be-awesome scooter!

Alex said...
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Lauren said...

Haha, sorry to disappoint, Johnny. I'm going to try to keep my scooter on the ground.

Thanks for the comments, guys! I'll definitely update you when/if I get it.

flitwicks_choirgirl said...

a Lauren blog! quick everyone, prepare, the world is indeed going to end :)

That is such an awesome idea. everyone's gonna be super jealous when they have to walk ages to get to class. All my buildings are close together, thank goodness, but i've so missed a class because I've been to lazy to walk to one from the refec. good times.

hope it comes soon.

shay said...

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