Finally, some new music.

Hey, remember that time I updated a blog? Remember that time I had almost no internet time on tour, so I was planning on updating a bunch once I got back? Well, my excuse for not doing that will hopefully not be so terrible.

As soon as Nina and I got home from the most amazing three weeks on the road, we got right to work on our new EP! If you didn't know this already, we were asked to be part of the Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club for 2009! You should check it out and subscribe if you haven't already. We had less than two weeks to finish August's EP in order to get it in on time, but it ended up working out and I'm really happy with the end product! It was really stressful and caused quite a few headaches, especially for Nina who had to do most of the work, but I'm glad we made it happen.

A while ago, I had an idea to do an album completely a cappella. That's right... no instruments, just voices. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough ideas left over for Myrtle and the concept was a little too much of an undertaking for a full album. Then, Paul approached us about doing an EP (or a short album!) for the club and we knew we could make it happen. I'm hoping to get one or two of the tracks up on MySpace or YouTube so you guys can hear some of the crazy things we recorded. There's even a rap on it featuring the vocal stylings of Tom Riddle, also known as our friend Zack.

If you subscribe to the club, you'll get our 'Bathroom Acoustics' EP in the mail. The only other way to get it is to come to one of our shows once we receive our copies of it in the mail, but we'll only have a limited amount.

And that is why I've been too distracted and exhausted to post in this blog.

I've started reading Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami. I still have no clue what's going on, but I like reading it. Matt says it will get even better once I figure out what's happening.

On another note, I'm playing a show in Parsippany, NJ tomorrow by myself and I am pretty freaking nervous. Granted, I haven't really promoted the show or practiced for it, so that would be an appropriate emotion in this case. Please come? And RSVP on Facebook? Who knows... I might even make some of this week's Tuesday video at the show, since I've also been neglecting fiveawesomegirls and now I finally have the time and internet access that I've needed to get back into vlogging.

I love you all.


Margo said...

im sorry that i won't be able to go to your show :( i wish i could. i live no where near there though, so thats out.

on a completly unrelated topic... it your categories in the sidebar you have more posts in geeking out than any other :P

have fun at your show and don't be nervous, you will do amazing!
xox margo

Sarah.Brooke said...

Lauren!! I'll be an hour away from you visiting Princeton Uni. But I can't make it to your show because I'll be the reast of my family who just wouldn't go for a wrock concert... : ( I wish I could meet you!

I'll second margo's advice, don't be nervous!! Because you're awesome!



Anonymous said...

Aw I wish I could come cheer you on, but I'm like 6 states away from NJ. I'm sure you'll do great there, it will probably be mostly fans who know you anyways if you only advertised it online, right? So I'm sure they'll love it.

partyweetow said...

Ah I *just* bought Hard-Boiled Wonderland the other day. I was debating on whether to start reading it or Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. I'll probably just read them at the same time because I like to avoid making decisions whenever I can.

Yeah, so, I hope you like it! Murakami is one of my favorite authors. :)

Larangutang said...

I think you should post the music on youtube since music won't work for me on myspace no matter what I do to try and fix it. Good luck with your show!

ohmyrainingducks said...



If I wasn't going to get my wisdom teeth taken out, i would have definately gone!

Ravenclaw2313 said...

New music!!! Somehow I missed the fact that the Myrtles were part of the EP of the Month, course that's probably cause I just renew as soon as Paul sends the e-mail.

Sadly I don't live anywhere near New Jersey, but I'm sure I'll be able to see you perform again soon. Wrockstock if no sooner.

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