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I had a little bit of a crisis this week. It's bad enough that what ended up being my schedule next semester is going to be a complete nightmare for me to get through when I come back here in August, but the process of housing selection was worse.

We had already been approved for an Independent Living Unit on campus next year, but at least one of us needed to go in last night with our lottery numbers and pick the living space we wanted. Since Suzanne had to work, Katie and I went with her suggestions for which quad to pick. And which quad not to pick.

Almost all of the quads on campus are set up the same way, with a big living room and kitchen downstairs while the bedrooms and bathroom are upstairs. Apparently there are also a couple that are only one-story, with another set of kids living upstairs. None of us wanted one of those, if we could help it, but we did not know which ones were laid out like that so we figured that we would ask the housing people when we went up to pick our quad. So we did, and the woman in charge of housing told Katie that E-1 was not one of these quads we were avoiding. And we picked it.

Later, I found out from a [nice, but very loud] guy that he was living in the quad above us. This came as a shock to me, since the director of housing said that the one we picked had two stories. There wasn't supposed to be ANYONE living above us. I was not happy and neither were my suitemates when I told them that Residence Life lied to our faces and now we're in the worst quad living downstairs from guys who, while they're really awesome, have already apologized because they're going to be making a lot of noise on our ceiling.

It turns out that the woman in charge of housing didn't realize that E-1 was the one we had specifically asked not to have. Granted, she was immediately defensive about her position and her knowledge when we came in to let her know that she had wronged us and we were not okay with that. She tried to convince us that we had the wrong information and still refused to admit that this quad was any different from the others. Until one of the other staff members came over to inform her that she was, in fact, incorrect.

Luckily, she had to keep one quad open for someone and we were able to switch to A-2 instead. Sometimes, things work out. That still doesn't change that I spent most of last night really upset because I had been lied to and I was convinced that I'd be stuck with an awful living situation for my senior year.

I'm just done with this. I don't want to deal with this school anymore. I just have to force myself through one more year of this crap and I can finally go on with my life.


Anonymous said...

preach it, sister :)

Anonymous said...

School sucks. But we're all here for you :]

Harberette said...

aaand, this is why I'm not finishing college. I'm just gonna get my medical training this summer and move on with my life. Done and DONE! I'm glad you guys finally got the quad you wanted though. Try not to stress too much!!

lindsey said...

You're almost done! Just think... one more year and no more of that crap.

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