Impulse Buys.

Today was alright. My lab got cancelled and I wore my bear hat outside for the first time ever. It didn't get quite the overwhelming response I was expecting, though I did get a few weird looks and a text message from a friend who saw me out a window and needed to inform me of the awesomeness of my hat. Sometimes I think my college just isn't ready for someone at my level of ridiculousness.

Now that I'm thinking about it, this school has kind of gotten used to the idea of me over the years. When I first got here and people demanded interesting facts about me upon meeting them, I brought out the wizard rock stuff and ended up needing to explain what that was. These people usually left with confused looks on their faces, but eventually thought nothing of it because they figured it wasn't a big deal anyway. Now, if I ever bring up wizard rock or Harry Potter in conversation, I get an "oh, you're THAT girl" or another similar response.

I did spend most of the day pretty angry and upset, though. As much as you think you can expect certain things from certain people, their actions can still surprise you.

Me: I hate that I feel ill when things upset me. Why can't I just react like a normal person?
Matt: Cause you're a hufflepuff, dear.

Luckily, I had saved the purchase of a Nintendo DS Lite for just this sort of occasion and found myself an apple green one, which they don't sell in the US. I love the internet. It's kind of pathetic how I can sometimes be cheered up by material objects that I buy for myself, but it works. I take a weird sort of pleasure in waiting to buy something I've wanted for a while until I need the pick-me-up. And now I just get to wait for it to ship from China. Pokemon Platinum, here I come!


A said...

My friends and I have all started bringing our various versions of Gameboys (read: their DSes and my yellow GB Color) to school and sitting during lunch and playing Pokemon together. It's amazingly awesome when all ten of us have them. Our other friends who don't understand just kind of sit off the the side and laugh at us.
At least you have people to do that with, even if they aren't in person.
And I am ALWAYS the Harry Potter girl.

lindsey said...

Haha, Lauren your bear hat is the sex.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty amazing that you can be known as "that girl" at all. At my university I couldn't tell you who anyone out of my own immediate group is really.

Also, I loved Matt's response to your question. I hope that clears everything up for you. XD

Anonymous said...

I'm known as "That Harry Potter Girl" in my high school :] The world just isnt ready for the awesomeness of people like us.

Jen said...

Platinum! It looks so good!

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