Google is fun.

Okay, I'll admit it. I search for myself on Google when I get bored.

One of the really hilarious things about being moderately well-known by people on the internet is that you hear amusing rumors about yourself and you can never really be sure where they got that idea from. Here's a gem I dug up that I found on an American Idol forum dedicated to voting for the worst person on the show at any given time:

"Does anyone remember Lauren Fairweather? I think she was Season 5, and she auditioned in Boston. At that time she was a 16-year-old from Hillsborough, NJ. Apparently, Randy REALLY didn't like her, so I don't think she made it to Hollywood. Currently though, she's 1/5 of the YouTube hit fiveawesomegirls, and has recorded 2 albums with her band, The Moaning Myrtles (they sing about Harry Potter) and 2 solo albums. She's signed to DFTBA Records. Don't you think it would have been awesome if she made it to the voting rounds? I mean, a Harry Potter nutjob in the Top 24 would have been a VFTW Victory ! Could someone dig up her audition? I don't know if it was even on the show, but she said in one of her YouTube videos that Randy Jackson really hated her voice."

1. I never auditioned for the judges. I got rejected at the first round where you sing in front of one of like 20 random producers lined up on the football field and they don't even have TV cameras around yet. I don't know where this person heard that Randy Jackson hated me either considering that I never even sang for him. And since when does Randy ever say anything besides "Dawg dawg dawg I'm feelin ya dawg" or "Dawg not your best dawg"?
2. I'm not signed to DFTBA Records either? I've been releasing albums for years before they even existed. I also got the impression that they were founded to help talented songwriting YouTubers release albums if they don't have the funding or materials to do so themselves, and I don't exactly fall into that category since I've been doing this myself since 2005.

People are hilarious.


lindsey said...

Ha! That's kinda funny. AI is not good enough for you, Ms. Fairweather.

Molly said...

Yeah, that beginning part seems pretty detailed...for not being true, I mean. You're still awesome, though!

Anonymous said...

Why do people not have better things to with their time than make things up? It's so random and strange! Really, I mean what benefit is it to anyone to make up a rumour!?

hayleyghoover said...

Wow... wow. Maybe they got confused. By "Randy," they meant "Hayley," and by "hated," they meant "worshipped."

John said...

Lauren I love that you blog now. I go kinda fanboy but I tone it down.

And I am so glad you didn't get on to AI your our gem that not all of american know about

Anonymous said...

Ah Randy Jackson...You summed up his verbal responses well. :)

Katherine said...

oh rumours. probably the number 1 reason I don't ever want to become well-known. I auditioned for Canadian Idol a couple years ago, and also didn't make it past the first audition with the producers. I wasn't even devastated at that point because the only reason I did it was because my friends wanted me to. But when they asked me "what makes you the next CI?" I was like "well...I don't know, I don't really want this that badly" haha, oh well, but it was an...experience. I love your voice Lauren & all the songs you write - good job! Perhaps one day I'll make a CD and send it to you or something.

Anonymous said...


I also didn't make it past the first Round when i auditioned for Season 4 in Cleveland.

They haven't been back here since. If I had, it would have been nine people going to hollywood from Cleveland, not eight. they picked all the bad people to make Cleveland look like shit.

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