I love the fandom.

Today I reached 500 YouTube favorites again so I went through all my old ones and watched them, to see which I should take off the list to make room for more.

I discovered two things. The first was that I noticed a pretty upsetting amount of videos on that list that had been removed from YouTube or changed to private. This kinda made me sad because I had added them because they included an adventure I had with one of my other friends on YouTube. I understand that a lot of them probably included crazy dancing to uncopyrighted music and that when you become a YouTube partner, you kind of have to privatize or remove those. I mean, I still have the memories I guess. I just like going back and watching those when I miss people and now they're gone.

The other thing I discovered (well, not really) is that I freaking love this fandom. I haven't seen everyone in a while and I know I've got to wait for the summer, but I went back and watched videos from 2007 when everyone was meeting Jo Rowling and Deathly Hallows came out. We are so freaking lucky to have each other and it's sad that some people have either removed themselves from the fandom or can't bring themselves to empty their bank accounts to see everyone anymore.

I was feeling really freaking inspired and I wanted to put together a video reminiscing about some of the incredible times we've had together, so I tried to write a song that I could use for some kind of montage. Unfortunately, I've been having trouble with songwriting lately and all I managed to get out were some lyrics for part of a verse and a bridge. Hopefully I'll go back to it eventually.

Just... if you've ever been part of a show audience or attended a conference with me or been there to make any of these events over the past few years amazing, thank you. I love you all.


Melissa Kendra said...

I wish my bank account was full enough to empty for conferences, so I could meet people in this awesome fandom. In person, at least.
Hopefully it will be full enough for Wrockstock :D
And good luck with your songwriting, Lauren :]

Kristina said...

"I understand that a lot of them probably included crazy dancing to uncopyrighted music and that when you become a YouTube partner, you kind of have to privatize or remove those."

No you don't? You can upload anything, you just cant monetize the copyrighted stuff. For example: john and hank have LOADS of videos with copyrighted stuff in them.

Sometimes videos get removed for one reason or another but those are entirely case by case.

hayleyghoover said...

Remember sitting on my couch and discussing the fandom back when it was entirely textual? Aww. I miss you.

Lauren said...

I had to get rid of a bunch after the first time I got rejected for the partner program because they told me I had too many with copyrighted stuff in them and then I woke up on Christmas morning with a bunch of copyright claims. But maybe that was just me.

Ashley said...

the fandom...good old days. thank goodness people are trying to keep it going though

what gadget did u use 4 ur youtube thing on the side?

Anonymous said...

awwwww i love the fandom too. it's always weird/awkward/funny to talk about what i do over the summer because the thing i'm most excited is ALWAYS the big con that year and then they're inevitably like "wow, toronto! what did you do there?" "why were you in chicago for the past week?" "OMG you're going to san francisco? you have friends there?" and depending on who the person is, i either tell them the truth, that i attend harry potter conferences, or just mumble something about "friends of a friend." i'm so lucky to be a part of this ridiculous family. see you in july!

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