I spent the past eleven days in Rhode Island, staying with Matt in his new apartment. Eleven days, you ask? How did that happen? Well, we pretty much looked at my schedule, decided that I had eleven free days in a row before I needed to come home and get ready for LeakyCon, hypothetically considered the possibility that I could stay for all of them, and then it happen. And it went by very quickly. And now I feel kind of lonely.

Luckily, this plan left me with almost no downtime at home and therefore, I will definitely be distracted. I have a pretty amazing couple of weeks coming up and I am so freaking excited about it.

Tomorrow, Nina is coming over for two hours to run through songs for LeakyCon and consider any last-minute fun plans for our set. The really exciting part, aside from getting to see Nina's adorable new haircut and cartilege piercing, is that the sealed box sitting just inside my door and containing the newest member of the Myrtles family will be opened, plugged in, and played for the first time. We'd been saving up for a really nice digital stage piano that might end our piano-related issues with live shows, and I can't wait to start using this guy.

Wednesday, I'm getting up early and going to NYC with my grandma to get a really nice haircut. I haven't cut it since last August, when I got a straight-across bob cut that would end the crooked weirdness of what my short haircut looked like grown out. I've always struggled with my hair and while it was fun having less of it and being able to straighten it quickly, I miss my curly hair. So I got an appointment at the Ouidad salon in NYC.

Apparently she's a pretty big deal... everything I've researched online has pointed me to her website. Between the carve-and-slice haircut and her products, I'm hoping that I can actually grow my hair long after this. My curls tend to grow out sideways and not down, so I end up cutting it again by the time it finally gets some length to it. What I hear is that this salon will show me how to make my hair healthier and easier to deal with, which would be fantastic. We'll see how it goes. Before and After photos will definitely be coming, and I'll get to show it off at LeakyCon as well. Yay!

I'm also really excited for everything happening at LeakyCon... I'm going to be so busy but I can't wait and I miss everyone so much! And then I have a two-day break followed by an incredible three-week tour with my best friends. Nina's coming on tour now, which makes me super happy because I haven't been able to spend very much time with her lately, since we're both so busy. I'm going to try to take a ton of pictures and videos as well. I've been terrible with that stuff lately. This will need to be documented.

Pretty much, my summer is going to be amazing. And that's not even half of it.


A said...

Please do document your tour, for those of us who won't get to see you. :(
I have the same hair trouble, but by some miracle I've found the perfect length that balances it for me.

Anyway. Have a good summer. Wish I was on break!

Samantha said...

I'm so sad I'm not going to LeakyCon. Are you going to be performing at Azkatraz though? Hopefully you are =]

Can't wait to see pictures of your hair, LeakyCan, and tour. Have tons of fun!

BriannaBean said...

I wrote a comment but it was very very long, so I scratched it and now i'm just going to say have fun and I just bought your cd on itunes. Love it. Do you have tabs posted anywhere?

freya said...

I'm pretty sure we have very similar hair and it took until I turned 27 to find the haircut that let me have it not look like a mushroom. I hope it works out! Can't wait to see you on THURSDAY!!

Kristina said...

I miss you being picture girl. xD

I cant wait to seeee yoooou.

lindsey said...

Sounds like a blast!
I am so excited for summer too. You are coming to Oklahoma, I think I read on your Myspace? I sure hope so. I want to see you guys for sure!

intothesunshine said...

Ah, I have untame-able curly hair, also. My curls always curl outward instead of downward and pretty, giving me a triangle (sortof?) shaped hair-doo. If you get awesome advice, care to share? Thanks :D Hope your haircut is lovely

Kaitlyn said...

I love electric pianos! Yours looks pretty. :-) I HATE "keyboards." Most people don't get that they are definitely, definitely not the same thing.

Yay tour!!!!! (during which I will *fingers crossed* be meeting you!)

Katie said...

I cannot WAIT to see your entire summer play out. So far, it looks like every single one of your plans is absolutely made of awesome. I'm waaay jealous. <333

Are you still considering doing the post-it note thing for your room next year?

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