Purple IS a taste.

It’s that flavor they intend to be grape but is really kind of gross and tastes nothing like grapes. Because I love grapes and I am offended that they would make grape-flavored things so gross, I refer to that taste as purple instead.

Do grapes even come in purple? I’ve only seen red and green ones outside of cartoons.


Jacklyn said...

there are some really dark grapes that are a reddish purple, but ya, purple is def a taste. I have many a time made this observation!

tallysextra said...


here are some purple grapes :D

(more of a blue-violet, really, but def. not red or green.)

i was sort of shocked the first time i saw concord grapes as well, i really never understand why something that was only reddish or light green was always depicted as being purple.


TESS said...

THANK YOU. i'm glad someone else finally understands. when i was about seven, i was sick and my mom gave me those nasty "grape" flavored chewable meds... after which i threw up. (seriously just thinking about this is making me want to vomit). but ever since then, i have not been able to eat any "grape" flavored things. no purple popsicles. no purple smarties. no purple skittles. nothing. nothing but actual grapes, which i still find delicious.

hayleyghoover said...

Lauren... I quite literally JUST finished a purple grape while reading this. The last purple grape. I can't even send you a picture because they're all gone. You'll just have to trust me on this one.

Amanda said...

I think that green is a taste. So purple must be a taste, too.

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